Portals of Light

by Bastiaan Yansã

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This album weaves together sounds of the Rainbow Serpent, ignited and guided by the force of the Orisha Yansã; Goddess of the winds, lightning, storms, death and rebirth. Her realm ranges from rainbows to thunder. She can manifest as the most gentle of breezes or as raging hurricanes.

The stories of each song, shared on this album, reveal 'Portals of Light'. Explored and encountered through my search for healing and growth. And sing the exploration through all colors of Light in our existence.

Each song sings about different aspects of the vast spectrum of divine powers & energies on earth. And aims to catch its energy. So the medicines of life may immerse with our soul, through the 'Portals of Sound'.

Haux Haux Haux!!!


released April 13, 2017

Brian Taylor; Mixing & Mastering
@ Haux Studios

Alexander Ward; Album Artwork


Infinite gratitude to all my dear Friends who supported the manifestation of my first professional album 'Portals of Light'!

First of all to Bryce Draper, for igniting the connection with Brian Taylor & Lemiece Oxumaré, and for the amazing support and love to record this album. To Lemiece Oxumaré, for so magically & devotedly assisting and supporting me in every possible way. And for contributing so beautifully to the completion of this album. To Brian Taylor, for your trust and believe in my music. For bringing such professional and friendly skill& spirit to every song. And for becoming an amazing friend in this process. To Alexander Ward, for blessing 'Portals of Light' with his amazing, visionary artwork.
To all the amazing supporting musicians; Fabiano do Nascimento, Konrad Gaska, Giselle Real-d'Arbelles, Wilma Pistorius & Rodrigo Curiel. Who magically added exactly that what we couldn't put into sound ourselves. And to the beautiful, divine feminine voices of; Lemiece Oxumaré, Malika Mukani & Shakti Grace. Thank you so much for balancing and complementing my masculine energy.
Infinite gratitude to Malika Mukani & our daughter Namira Flor. For supporting me so much and for holding space for my healing process and musical development. And for shining so brightly! To Txai Fernando and his beloved Verta-Sara Salimy, for teaching me so much about the alchemy of sound & healing. For opening so many doors, portals and so much inspiration. Your friendship will forever flower in my heart. To my beloved, Shakti Grace & the beautiful Celestial Heart family, under the wings of my dear brother Kai Karrel. To the Hunikuin & Yawanawa shamans & traditions, for healing & teaching profound places inside my being and for touching such a unique and elemental space inside my heart.
Infinite gratitude to my father, Jan te Voortwis, for being my spiritual teacher and opening the path of true self-discovery and healing. And to my mother, Gerry Reus, for bringing me life, my musical heart & for supporting me in so many ways. To all my family for bringing so much color, love and support to my life.
And so much gratitude to all the teachers, amazing inspiring musicians, healers, family & friends I didn't mention by name, but to each one of you I am forever grateful to have met you.

I wish you all infinite blessings. May your paths be bright, healthy, happy, brilliant and courageous.

Thank you Life!

Sat Nam




all rights reserved


Bastiaan Yansã Los Angeles, California


Gentle Rebel. Eternal student of Life. In search of the Divine. In search of the highest Harmony. Explorer of Truth and the healing motions in human consciousness. Healing Musician. A Sufi. A friend. ... more

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Track Name: Eh Eparrei Yansã!
(Received for the Amazon Ensemble)

Eh Eparrei Yansã, Eparrei Yansã!
Vem pra nos guiar
Vem pra nos curar
A Vos eu vou louvar
Com Vos eu vou pintar

Mamãe dos ventos vem chegar
Dentro o circulo girar
O relampago e o trovão
A tempestade da força

(4x) Eparrei, Eparrei, Eparrei Yansã!

E esta força é de Yansã
E Ela vem descarregar
A grande força de Yansã
E Ela vai direcionar

(4x) Eh, Eparrei Yansã!

Iluminai a escuridão
Com Vosso raio purificar
Orixá da imensidão
Labirinto do coração

A fogueira ela nos traz
Sagrada luz eterna paz
A fogueira Ela nos traz
Sagrada luz eterna paz

Eh Eparrei Yansã, Eparrei Yansã!
Vem pra nos guiar
Vem pra nos curar
A Vos eu vou louvar
Com Vos eu vou pintar
A vida eterna
A vida liberta
A vida sagrada



Eh Eparrei Yansã, Eparrei Yansã!
Come to guide us
Come to heal us
To You I will praise
With You I'll paint

Mother of the winds arrived
Within the circle whirling
The lightning and the thunder
The storm of the power

Eparrei, Eparrei, Eparrei Yansã! (4x)

And this force is of Yansã
And she comes to discharge
The great strength of Yansã
And she will bring direction

Eh, Eparrei Yansã! (4x)

Enlighten the darkness
With your ray you purify
Orisha of the immensity
Labyrinth of the heart

The fire she brings us
Sacred light eternal peace
The fire She brings us
Sacred light eternal peace

Eh Eparrei Yansã, Eparrei Yansã!
Come to guide us
Come to heal us
To You I will praise
With You I'll paint
The eternal life
The liberated Life
The sacred life
Track Name: Linda Sereia
LINDA SEREIA (Received for my daughter, Namira Flor)

A luz divina
Da minha Mãe Yemanjá
Sempre cuidando
De Seus filhos da terra e no mar

Amor com as ondas do lar
Sereias vêm pra encantar
Luz misteriosa
Vem pra iluminar

Linda Sereia quem vem do mar
Linda Sereia quem vem bailar
Linda Sereia quem vem cantar
Vem passar

As cantigas do amor
As cantigas da luz divina
As cantigas da cura
Deixa ela para se libertar

Heyeye Yemanjá
Heyeye Yemanjá
Linda Sereia
Estrela do mar

Linda Sereia estrela do mar
Linda Sereia estrela do mar
Linda Sereia quem vem do mar

Eeeh... Yemanjá
Eeeh... Yemanjá




The divine light
Of my mother Yemanja
Always caring
For your children of the earth and in the sea

Love with the waves of home
Mermaids come to enchant
Mysterious Light
Comes to illuminate

Beautiful mermaid who comes from the sea
Beautiful mermaid who comes to dance
Beautiful mermaid who comes to sing
Comes to pass

The songs of love
The songs of divine light
The songs of healing
Allow her to liberate

Heyeye Yemanja
Heyeye Yemanja
Beautiful mermaid
Star of the sea

Beautiful mermaid star of the sea
Beautiful mermaid star of the sea
Beautiful mermaid who comes from the sea
To enchant

Eeeh... Yemanja
Eeeh... Yemanja
Track Name: Kaya Tibu
KAYA TIBU (Native Hunikuin Chant)

Yame Awa Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Tiri Tiri Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Yama Txashu Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Txash Txash Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Yame Yawa Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Hush Hush Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Yame Anu Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Hash Hash Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Yame Yaix Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Busu Busu Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Yame Xixi Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Kaxka Kaxka Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Yame Mari Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Piash Piash Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Yame Hasi Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Kuix Kuix Kawanai; Naki Natu Nena
Track Name: Rainbow Fires
RAINBOW FIRES (Received for Zion)

Reaching out beyond the stars
Nowhere to go and nothing to show
Intertwining dark and light
Blowing the storm unleashed before

The mind gets in to change the ways
Of the One, the rising sun
Harmonies and mysteries
Frequencies from places unknown

Inside waters over seas
Winds will carry you and me
Roots in earth and heads in skies
All this splendor outside time

Shiva’s cycle once again
Surrender my child in God’s hand
All protected open doors
In rainbow fires we sing our song

For Zion...
Track Name: Sat Nam
SAT NAM (Received for Bartosz Badowski)

Life loves you beyond measurement, measurement
Life heals you beyond holiness
Life mothers you back to the womb, to the womb
Life fathers you to your True Self

Your True Self (8x)

Life takes care of you, every breath, every step
For you to discover your divinity within
Life brings you back to the source of everything
Life found you to represent her innocent True Self

Your True Self (8x)

Sat Nam (repeat)


PATH IN THE MIDDLE (Received for Bartosz Badowski)

In this spectrum of infinite possibilities
There exists only one truth
The distractions we perceive
Inside this glory
Contain the infinite grace of our Creator
Trembling we do
As we enter the highest realms

The path in the middle
Forgives each side step
The path in the middle
Opens all the doors
To infinite surprises
Twists and turns of fate
Where we bow to the Master
The King of Love remains

Forgiveness holds the key to succes
Unleashed as a dragon
In gold imperial skies
The insecurities of the heart
The small mistakes
Are considered mountains
We can't escape

As mirrors of the fountain
The value of your soul
Finds her way back home
To the One
Where two becomes one
Where opposites become conjunct
Where every laugh
Every tear
Finds the lap
Of our Divine Mother

Sat Nam
Track Name: Reino Interior
REINO INTERIOR (Received for Zeger Vandenbussche)

Dentro dos ritmos da ciência cósmica
São pedrões cheios de poderes místicos
Som que está sendo a resposta para a cura
Do mundo invísel do coração

Salve o Senhor quem está por trás de toda
Criação tecendo as correntes dos encontros
Salve a Mãe Divina que deu á luz a todos
Místerios por trás da dimensão conhecida
Da percepção e da forma cores dando
Aguarda o espírito infinito da alma

A humanidade tem a capacidade
Para transformar todas manifestações
Dentro da mandala mística e sagrada
Quando juntar as mãos e formam a ciranda

Nos podemos transcender os reinos
Terrestres de Deus e observar
Com o olho d'águia, com o olho da consciência liberada

O espelho da vida nos convida
A se render ao que vemos
Uma vez que todos nós vemos
É um reflexo do nosso Reino Interior

Reino Interior (repeat)




Within the rhythms of cosmic science
That are full of mystical powers
Sound being the answer to the healing
From the invisible world of the heart

Praise the Lord who is behind everything
Creation weaving the chains of the meetings
Praise the Divine Mother who gave birth to everything
Mysteries behind the known dimension
Of the perception and the shape giving colors
Awaits the infinite spirit of the soul

Humanity has the capacity
To transform all manifestations
Inside the mystical and sacred mandala
When joining hands and forming the circle

We can transcend the realms
(of the) Land of God and observe
With the eye of the eagle, with the eye of the liberated conscience

The mirror of life invites us
To surrender to what we see
Since all we see
Is a reflection of our Inner Kingdom

Inner Kingdom
Track Name: Zum Zum Zum
ZUM ZUM ZUM (Received for Txai Fernando & Sigmund Kristoffer Vatvedt)

Força da natureza
Espirito do protetor
Cabocla da primavera
A criação do mutum

Força da natureza
Espirito do protetor
Cabocla da primavera
Curando as almas de um a um

Força da natureza
A casa do meu Senhor
Vem vem todos Arcanjos
Iluminando espíritos

Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael (3x)

É a força do Rapé
Abrindo portas e janelas
As forças da natureza
Do veado do mutum
O tambor do coração
Das estrelas nosso mundo
Da luz, amor e paz
Espiralando espírito

Zum, zum, zum... (repeat)




Force of nature
Guardian spirit
Feminine Indian Spirit of spring
The creation of curassow

Force of nature
Guardian spirit
Feminine Indian Spirit of spring
Healing the souls one by one

Force of nature
The house of my Lord
Come come all Archangels
Enlightening spirits

Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael

It is the strength of Rapé
Opening doors and windows
The forces of nature
Of the stag, of the curassow
The drum of the heart
Of the stars of our world
Of light, love and peace
Spiraling the spirit

Zum, zum, zum...
Track Name: Simplicidade
SIMPLICIDADE (Received for my beloved, Shakti Grace)

Na simplicidade do coração
Tenho a resposta em cada sessão
Nos movimentos dos meus irmãos
A vida da o perdão para sempre amar

Bom dia sol, bom dia luz
Abraço forte do meu Jesus
Com o amor incondicional
Te amo sem parar e sem mal



In the simplicity of the heart
I have the answer to every session
In the movements of my brothers
Life gives forgiveness to forever love

Good morning sun, good morning light
Strong embrace of my Jesus
With unconditional love
I love you without stopping and without pain
Track Name: My Star
MY STAR (Received for my beloved, Shakti Grace)

When I see you in my dreams
I follow you my star and fully surrender
To lift my dancing arms
In geometry because i fully remember

Why we came here to be
This magic that we see, the past future present
The marriage of the heart
The dance of you & I, it's infinite splendor

Falling in love is a rising because
We can't go back to where we came from
Falling in love is a rising above
Illusion, confusion, the fusion for more

Om Mani Padme Hum
Jay Jay Ma
Om Shiva Shakti
Paramatma Brahma
Track Name: Portals of Light
PORTALS OF LIGHT (Received for Beige Arce)

Portals of the light
Portals from beyond
Gaps behind illusion
Dissolved patterns of the mind

The deserts medicine
The toad kissed by the rain
Coming out to spread our wings
The mysteries of our blissful pain

Freedom from boredom
Freedom from pain
Blissful sadness together
In the circle of wizards to be
To be, to be, be be

Freed from chains of illusion
Freed from shadows behind mind
Freed from all that is not serving
The life, health, happy open paths

Hey ya na na, hey ya na na
Hey ya na na yeeh


Through the 'Portals of Light'
We may find the source of all creation
In the flame of eternal gratitude
The rainbow of God
Flows Her magic
Into each magical detail
Woven in this ever dancing mandala
Where you are welcomed home
Welcomed into the center
Of your Divine True Self

Sat Nam